Your Deck Looks Dated, Part. I

When it comes to communicating a message, choosing the right words is only half the battle. Unfortunately for so many presentations, far too little weight is given to how to present such content. For better and for worse, the medium becomes part of the message. Our events production and presentation team, Haystack Worldwide, wants to prevent our soon-to-be beloved clients from shooting themselves in the proverbial feet before a single word of their messaging is displayed. 

It starts with the ratio.

Without altering the design aesthetic, simply shifting the aspect ratio to 16:9 will propel your deck into this century.

4:3 (the dimensions of old, box TVs) is close to a standard piece of paper. The new widescreen format is THEATRICAL — literally modeled after movie theater screen dimensions.

Shifting the aspect ratio will instantly and dramatically improve the perception of your content. For more insight and inspiration, check in with the team at

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