What Makes Sweet, Sweet Content?

On this sweetest of holidays, let’s talk sugar…

Once upon a time, Sugar Bowl was like every other social media content marketing agency. We led with our outside-the-box creativity, pitched potential partners arrays of outrageousness, and produced super-saccharine, insulin-injected, eye-poppingly fun content: cartoons featuring a supermodel spokeswoman who also happened to be a vodka bottle… the helvetica-hungry launch of a Nielsen competitor… drone shots of Carribean beaches for a vacation agency??!

Our parent company, the illustrious Haystack Needle, esq. Reined us in as we had found a niche: the heretofore unsweetened landscape of financial services, corporate communications, crisis management, proxy fights, and all sorts of other stolid, highly specialized, and perhaps-more-conversative sectors. Sugar Bowl quickly evolved to become the first agency designed to service these industries, by implementing our patented Audience First approach and Sugar Score competitive landscape audit. These are our keys to maintaining our competitive edge, and what allows us to sprinkle that SWEET, SWEET CONTENT across a typically open canvas landscape. Here’s how it works:


 I’m being told we can’t divulge our process on a public forum such as this. I’m being told to tell you to contact us at mailto:[email protected] for details, descriptions, and dazzlement.

I s’pose that makes this entire post something of a tease. At least it’s a sweet tease. Mmmmm, sweet tea. 


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