Haystack Needle is like the Avengers

According to our website, “Haystack Needle is a strategic design and production agency that supports leaders in marketing, corporate communications, crisis communications and investor relations by creating brands, events, websites, videos, apps, presentations and photography, alongside social strategy, content management, digital reputation and print campaigns.”

That’s one way to look at it. Here’s another:

Haystack Needle is like the Avengers, if every superhero were a specialized, independently-branded company. Our teams (in alphabetical order):

Fearless Company (Video Production)
Haystack Digital (Websites and Interactive Services)
Haystack Reputation (Digital Reputation Management and SEO)
Haystack Resolution (Photography)
Haystack Worldwide (Live Events)
Tailfeather (Branding)
Sugar Bowl (Social Media and Content Marketing)

Resisting the urge to tell you which team is Thor and which is Captain Marvel (hint: Reputation is Thor, Digital is Captain Marvel), we’re going to start posting weekly mini-blogs to highlight our various capabilities, triumphs, challenges, and bizarre dealings in the world of strategic design and production.

Love and allergies,
Blue Moreno, Creative Director

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