building community: movies in the park

I’d like see more people produce more “free outdoor movie” series in our hometowns. What feeling does that give you? I became a fan of the “oldies” movies showcased on summer Mondays in Bryant Park (NYC) and thought it might be interesting to setup a cool-but-cheap movie theater setup on the local park. My vision …

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raise the bar

Here is an idea for new restaurant or franchise. I’ve seen multiple restaurants in New York that base their service model on a catergory of food that then uses multiple choose-your-own ingredients. How about a restaurant that changes its primary food offering daily while perhaps re-using similar ingredients? So the base type of food would …

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building community: giant slip-n-slide

Another concept to make people take notice, watch, participate, smile. Build an impromptu slip-n-slide. Lather it up. Provide peanut gallery seating with flavored “icees.” Bring extra garbage bag sliding devices. Leave the hose on. Then rinse and repeat next month. Get the kids in the paper. Show you’ve got a nice place to live.

fun civic-mindedness

Increase the motivation. Make them have fun. This is a most-brilliant way to experience the lesson, by the Swedes, of course:

third place, sweet third place

Through my friend Paul, I had a wonderful conversation with a coffee shop owner on Cape Cod a few weeks back and a few things from our chat are memorable. One of those things is the socio-economic philosophy of famed Barista-trainer Bruce Milletto. In one of his “how to run a coffee shop” seminars, Bruce …

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slap or clap™

A game invented by my friend Nate and mastered by the great Adam Northway, I think this is best described by Adam himself: “A game in which everyone around me closes their eyes. I make a series of three noises. They are any combination of me either clapping my hands together, or slapping my belly …

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someday ideas | digital photo streaming

Think iTunes for photos (or videos!)… Apple should design and sells digital photo screens that can come slightly larger than standard prints (4×6, 5×7, 8×10…). Or perhaps they sell custom digital frames pre-matted and framed. Make a color vs. b/w collection. You buy a bunch for your living room or your whole house. Then on …

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corks™: a drinking game

For many years, my friends Buffum, Dan, Chris, Steve and Foster and took an annual Spring trip to Club Med. In later years we were joined by girlfriends, wives and Rob. We had the time of our lives. One of the coolest outcomes of our time there was a game we invented called “corks.” It …

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woody’s list of great lost movies

My friend Woody recently clued me to the fact that not all older movies are in print and many never make it to DVD. He is a true movie buff and has his taste, for sure, but we made a shortlist of those “great” movies that ought to be out in DVD (rentable/purchasable). I’m curious …

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cool music promotions

I was recently hanging with some music business folk at a wedding. We got tipsy but in the course came up with a few “different” marketing ideas. And while many of these are focused on the music industry, many might apply elsewhere. 1. Glow in the Dark T-shirt giveaway: 1-in-10 glows in the dark. 2. …

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