edutainment via “live” data visualization

This is the example we show clients when they ask how all of our “screens” will converge in the near future.  At the same time, as valuable lesson in the story of health and wealth of our world.

john lennon peace interview

Very cool piece from Jerry Levitan, director Josh Raskin and illustrators James Braithwaite and Alex Kurina. Brilliant animation storytelling – pointed out to me by a nice guy named Harry Bernstein.

future augmented reality

Painful – as good as AR is, I’m hoping this is not the future. From the Big Wheels ad man @mrfunky, himself. Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

discovery project voiceover

The promo for Discovery’s Project Earth last year. Design/animation by Eyeball. Voiceover by yours truly.

the merger of content and advertising

Proof in the puddin’: more and more advertisers are capturing attention, tapping emotion and enhancing brand recognition through the use of content and ART. Here are two produced by Eyeball and Expansion Team, each working their own magic. Target Alvin Ailey Spot: Target Circus Spot: Beautiful work. I can’t wait to see how …

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eyebrow dance (cadbury commerical, short film)

This makes me think of Minimum Wage, for some reason.