Q: To scroll or not to scroll

So – what to make of this trend regarding long-scrolling sites? Most of our corporate partners would hate these – but for the occasional client it might make sense. We’re seeing more of it and we’re equally curious/excited/concerned. We would love your thoughts in whatever down/casual time you can spare. No rush at all. Just …

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harder better faster stronger

The web will be all of these things tomorrow. And more so the day after tomorrow. Internet traffic is expected to grow 400% in less than 4 years. And everything will change again. For example: what is search? Its not going to be just Google anymore. Will you use a mobile app, social network, or …

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edutainment via “live” data visualization

This is the example we show clients when they ask how all of our “screens” will converge in the near future.  At the same time, as valuable lesson in the story of health and wealth of our world.

gmail priority inbox, google instant

I’m liking both of these latest products. They enable efficiencies while not distracting from the tasks at hand. And they’re not cumbersome. Priority Inbox sorts/filters your email so that you can see it all – but in the segments that allow you to focus on what is important (email from clients) to those less important …

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Social Media: 10 Essential Rules You’ve Never Heard

Loved this insight from Ad Age / iMedia Connection. How Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors are Shaped in Social Media: 10 Essential Rules You’ve Never Heard Posted by Taddy Hall My good friends at Ad Age published a similar set of points on Monday. They seemed to resonate. Look forward to comments and continued discussion… These …

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blue is the color of my true loves hair

I found this article in the NYTimes recently while investigating the science of how color affects behavior. It absolutely fascinates me that, like music, or a story, or food – color can also strongly influence perception or behavior. Click here.

what is a social media press release?

I’ve now had a dozen clients in corporate communications ask me this question. A social media press release (affectionately known as an SMPR) is a press release but with the added means to share it or read it through Web 2.0 technology. It is a press release with embedded links, tags, tracking, and RSS feeds. …

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relevancy of twitter in corporate communications

When my clients ask about Twitter and how they should be using it – I tell them that all corporate communications executives should have a Twitter account. Not to tweet (push a message), but to listen to the messages out there regarding your brand or industry. “…if you’re not responding, you’re not being seen as …

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future augmented reality

Painful – as good as AR is, I’m hoping this is not the future. From the Big Wheels ad man @mrfunky, himself. Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

web engagement by HEMA

Here’s one that will throw you – check out the Australian company HEMA’s homepage.