Harvard Reboot: The Nomeni Challenge

Subtle change. Big difference.

Earlier this year, we were honored to help rebrand the company that oversees one of the largest educational endowments in the world, the Harvard Management Company. But, with this deep institutional history comes regulations, along with restrictions and resistance to change. The question becomes: how will we show the Harvard Management Company as a future-facing brand while respecting their legacy and institutional guidelines? At first glance, the new logo may not look a whole lot different… but it feels very different (for verification, check your ajna chakra, aka the third eye).

By keeping the crest and lettering the same size, we preserve a compact and sleek mark. The vertical line creates a bit of designed distance and intentional orderliness. The most significant change, however, is in the typeface. We replaced the classic Garamond serif font with the more modern (but still classy) Pluto Sans. The individual changes were small, but the cumulative effect amounts to an image overhaul that encompasses a respect for history, with feet firmly planted in the present and a commitment to keeping a watchful (third) eye on the future.

To quote Harvard’s motto, “Veritas!”

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