Globally Fearless

The calls came in almost simultaneously:

Call 1: “The general is available to shoot tomorrow, at his home… just outside of San Antonio.”

Call 2: “Our board members decided they want to add video to the (proxy) fight. We need to shoot in Tokyo tomorrow, San Francisco the next day, and back in New York the following day. I assume that’s impossible, right?”

Wrong. We shot it all, with all the focus (double entendre) and expertise our clients have come to expect from Fearless.

How? A Harlem-based teleportation device? A fleet of Gulfstream G650ER jets? Cloning?

While we are working on at least one of the above options, none are currently in place. The secret is simple: Maximize Local Talent.

After several years of spending the majority of their time in the TSA Pre-check security line, accruing miles and deepening the bags under their eyes, Townsend and Judy (the original Fearless Company directors) adopted a new approach:

Maximize Local Talent

They spent considerable time vetting camera and audio crews around the world, partnering with professionals who could match the demands and aesthetics our clients require. The result: Fearless is global. With 24-hour notice, we can provide a kick-ass video squad to shoot virtually anything, anywhere (in over 100 cities).

This uber-nimble approach saves us time and, more importantly, saves our clients both time and money. We send a Fearless director and/or producer to each shoot, to maintain continuity and, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the raw digital footage is transferred electronically to our editing facility, and wallah — we‘re able to produce polished videos with expert precision and sheen, at a lower cost than any comparable production firm.

“But what if I need to shoot a talking head video tomorrow afternoon, outside the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu??” you ask.

Call us.

Book it.

We’re Fearless.

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