Jun 15

Web Best Practices 2022 – Shelter from the Digital Storms

Our guiding light is the “Rule of 4S “ Security, Searchability, Simplification, and Speed. With that in mind, here is our 4S-approved shortlist of web design best practices for 2022.
Jan 27

Notes from the Digital Dispatch

An increasing majority of our projects require multi-team support. Without a rock-solid workflow and communications strategy, some of these larger-scope jobs might’ve short-circuited the system. Fortunately, we’ve had a solution in place for years: the Cross-Team Coordinator.
Jun 29

Virtual Reality for Virtually Nothing

The market is flooding with virtual reality viewers—Oculus Rift, Samsung VR, Sony Playstation VR—and a small ocean of custom printed Google Cardboard viewers… And sometimes it seems like every forward thinking company wants to ride the wave to fill those viewers with their own immersive video experience. Read More 〉
May 25

Website Must-Haves

Written with a Zlotnick bent: above all, content is king, brand is queen (almost as important as content), navigation must be intuitive to an 8 year old, responsive design tells each screen it is devine, a site without SEO is a car without wheels, your website is only 1/10 of the first impression on google... Read More 〉