the hairy car experience

I like this video so much I’ve watched it a dozen times. I marvel to think its a commercial for a bank. Hair Conditioner from Jonathan Gurvit on Vimeo.

building community: movies in the park

I’d like see more people produce more “free outdoor movie” series in our hometowns. What feeling does that give you? I became a fan of the “oldies” movies showcased on summer Mondays in Bryant Park (NYC) and thought it might be interesting to setup a cool-but-cheap movie theater setup on the local park. My vision …

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raise the bar

Here is an idea for new restaurant or franchise. I’ve seen multiple restaurants in New York that base their service model on a catergory of food that then uses multiple choose-your-own ingredients. How about a restaurant that changes its primary food offering daily while perhaps re-using similar ingredients? So the base type of food would …

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how was your commute?

From my friend James. I ride a subway (or car) then sit at a computer or in meetings. These guys have it a littler differently. Talk about perspective.

gmail priority inbox, google instant

I’m liking both of these latest products. They enable efficiencies while not distracting from the tasks at hand. And they’re not cumbersome. Priority Inbox sorts/filters your email so that you can see it all – but in the segments that allow you to focus on what is important (email from clients) to those less important …

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midtown east eateries survey

I spend a lot of time in East midtown Manhattan. So much so that I’m constantly looking for something “new,” particularly for lunch. So I recently sent word to some of my closer friends asking for their recommendations. Here’s what they said. NR: 1) Sushi Yasuda (43rd and 3rd) – The best and most authentic …

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building community: giant slip-n-slide

Another concept to make people take notice, watch, participate, smile. Build an impromptu slip-n-slide. Lather it up. Provide peanut gallery seating with flavored “icees.” Bring extra garbage bag sliding devices. Leave the hose on. Then rinse and repeat next month. Get the kids in the paper. Show you’ve got a nice place to live.

sales 201

It takes a salesperson to know a salesperson. If you’ve ever had to pitch or sell something, Ogilvy’s recent promotion is a hoot. Check out their YouTube Channel on how to sell a brick:

google voice

I was recently looking for an iPhone/iPad app that would help me by transcribing voice memos into notes whereby I could quickly store the notes in my contacts file (CRM). After a fruitless (and admittedly short) search, I gave up. Then today I received an invite to Google Voice. In their own words: “Welcome to …

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Social Media: 10 Essential Rules You’ve Never Heard

Loved this insight from Ad Age / iMedia Connection. How Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors are Shaped in Social Media: 10 Essential Rules You’ve Never Heard Posted by Taddy Hall My good friends at Ad Age published a similar set of points on Monday. They seemed to resonate. Look forward to comments and continued discussion… These …

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