Harvard reboot: the Nomeni challenge

Subtle change. Big difference.

Earlier this year, we were honored to help rebrand the company that oversees one of the largest educational endowments in the world, the Harvard Management Company. But, with this deep institutional history comes regulations, along with restrictions and resistance to change.

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The calls came in almost simultaneously:

Call 1: “The general is available to shoot tomorrow, at his home… just outside of San Antonio.”

Call 2: “Our board members decided they want to add video to the (proxy) fight. We need to shoot in Tokyo tomorrow, San Francisco the next day, and back in New York the following day. I assume that’s impossible, right?”

Wrong. We shot it all, with all the focus (double entendre) and expertise our clients have come to expect from Fearless.

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What makes Sweet, Sweet Content?

On this sweetest of holidays, let’s talk sugar…

Once upon a time, Sugar Bowl was like every other social media content marketing agency. We led with our outside-the-box creativity, pitched potential partners arrays of outrageousness, and produced super-saccharine, insulin-injected, eye-poppingly fun content: cartoons featuring a supermodel spokeswoman who also happened to be a vodka bottle… the helvetica-hungry launch of a Nielsen competitor… drone shots of Carribean beaches for a vacation agency??!

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Social Transparency

In the wake of Cambridge Analytica (and other assorted 2016 election-related social media scandals and flashpoints), major channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have taken significant steps to increase the transparency of advertisers on their platforms.

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Responsive Design FTW

The mission: Build a site that scales.

The method: Responsive Design.

A responsive website has a fluid and flexible layout, allowing your site to adjust based on the screen size a visitor is using (aka viewport restacking). This means your website can adjust from an IMAX-worthy desktop monitor to a minuscule Blackberry device, to screen sizes that don’t even exist yet. (#presponsive?)

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Hurricane Fearless

This time of year, Americans are thinking and talking about hurricanes. With fear, sadness, and macabre anticipation, we learn the mononymous moniker of our wind-whipped tormentor and begin making plans to evacuate or remain as far away from the storm as possible.

Fearless Company takes a different path. We fly to the eye. Here’s why…

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SPOTLIGHT: Haystack Digital

The Haystack Digital team handles everything from new business site builds, to revamps of existing sites, to announcement sites for the absolute biggest largest mergers and acquisitions on the market.

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Haystack Needle is like the Avengers

According to our website, “Haystack Needle is a strategic design and production agency that supports leaders in marketing, corporate communications, crisis communications and investor relations by creating brands, events, websites, videos, apps, presentations and photography, alongside social strategy, content management, digital reputation and print campaigns.”

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edutainment via “live” data visualization

This is the example we show clients when they ask how all of our “screens” will converge in the near future.  At the same time, as valuable lesson in the story of health and wealth of our world.

top 50 oxy morons

50. Act naturally 49. Found missing 48. Resident alien 47. Advanced BASIC 46. Genuine imitation 45. Airline Food