Apr 20

Stop, Drop And Post: How Social Media Supports Emergency Preparedness Plans For Investor Relations

In the world of school drills, I grew up in an oasis of innocence — after duck-and-cover nuclear threats and before school shooting reality. Gen Xers only had to contend with the occasional fire drill. Every few months, an alarm would clang through the halls, and the principal’s voice would come over the loudspeaker: “This is only a drill.”

Jan 21

Should you update your brand? Yes, and here’s why.

When I was a kid, every time I got new shoes was an event. The whole family would head to the local zapatería and wait while I tried on all the latest models — sprinting through the aisles to see how fast they were. When I finally settled on a suitably speedy pair, I would wear them out of the store and take off like a shot down the sidewalk, convinced my new kicks had turned me into The Flash.

Jul 28

Audience First: Strategic Spaghetti

First, the question: Are you looking to create compelling, high mileage content? Have you been charged with capturing the fleeting, distractible attention of a critical audience? Does your job or your brand rely upon it?
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Jul 07

Half of Every Video is Audio

Imagine if you will, a young couple at the beach… the woman swims into the twilight night. With soothing acoustic guitar strumming in the background, we watch as she turns and waves to her boyfriend on the beach. It’s a beautiful, romantic, Instagram-worthy sunset scene.
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Jun 23

Master of One: The Benefits of Microbranding in a Competitive Landscape

As our economic landscape shifts, staying relevant is top-of-mind for many companies. When the economy expands, we can expect business competition to soar; so staying nimble, visible, and adaptable is of high priority.
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May 26

The Power of a Pivot: Staying Essential by Staying Nimble

The concept of an “essential” worker has been on many minds for the past several weeks. Meanwhile, so-called non-essential businesses and employees are scrambling for ways to survive — and those who have managed to stay afloat face a barrage of bleak forecasts, bracing themselves for the next tempest.

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Apr 22

Webcasting: The Future is Now

As we face these unprecedented times, high-quality digital communications have become an essential lifeline for businesses across the globe.

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Apr 13

Hierarchy of Communication

Running a remote business is a balancing act that is fulfilling and energizing, but is also full of potential challenges. One of the most consistent struggles I face is the prioritization of time in a non-traditional work schedule. On any given day I receive upwards of 500 work related messages through various channels (i.e. email, text, etc).

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Mar 23

Why Teleprompters Suck

Teleprompters suck. Sure, they may tempt managers as a shortcut to ensure their speaker says everything they need to say in a video, and it allows the compliance department to check all their boxes. It may alleviate the need to edit the video at all. But the benefits start and end there.
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