Perrin Worrell
Team Lead, Operations

Perrin has over 16 years of experience in information analysis, strategic planning, process improvement, change management, and goal setting. She has effectively launched, directed and managed multifaceted programs ensuring the success of each. Perrin cut her teeth in human resources at Enron, followed by positions at Apache Corporation and Fund for Teachers, a non-profit dedicated to providing teachers with customized professional learning experiences.

With a strong focus on group facilitation, staffing, and training, she is helping to create a cohesive organization with teams that work remotely all over the country. Perrin safeguards and augments the effectiveness of Haystack Needle’s operations to accelerate development and long-term growth.

Channeling her upbringing in the theater, Perrin draws energy from interacting with others and encourages personal interactions with flare and a whole lot of bling. She also has an endless love for the sport of football.

Perrin holds a BSE from Baylor University with specialties in Computer Information Systems, Athletic Training, and Professional Facilitation.