George Kachadorian
Lead Director/Editor, Fearless Company

George is an award winning documentary filmmaker and television producer. He has spent more years than he would care to mention creating video productions for a wide range of broadcast, corporate, and non-profit clients. As a director, writer, cameraman and editor, he brings an engaging, audience-first storytelling approach to his work, whether it’s a feature length narrative or a 30 second spot.

Over the years, George has spent a lot of time working with ABC News where he’s served as producer, cameraman, editor and senior editor for long-form special programs and multi-hour series. He’s also been known to produce, write and edit for the likes of Discovery, Bravo, and PBS’s Frontline. Some of his favorite projects are his own indie documentaries which have won dozens of awards at film festivals around the U.S. and beyond.

As a proud member of the Haystack Needle team since 2013, he delights in bringing a broadcast-ready sensibility to his clients while diligently searching for ways to add value through creativity.

He is a graduate of Georgetown University.