Ava Harvey
Team Lead, Finance

Ava Harvey is the Director of Finance for Haystack Needle, lending her experience in law, accounting, and business strategy, since the company’s inception.

Ava has years of experience helping start-ups to establish their bookkeeping and accounting procedures, manage their accounts payable and receivable, and execute their tax planning and strategy.

Ava’s diverse experience has included owning several construction, fabrication, and furniture companies, most notably as an Owner and CFO of Cable & Harness Fabricators. She assisted in the management of several foundations and trusts. Before that, she was a paralegal at law firms including Cohn & Marks, Hiscock & Barclay and Sincerbeaux & Shrewsbury. She began her career holding several positions in the Crime Records Division of the FBI.

Ava’s seasoned consistency has established her as a valuable resource upon whom both Haystackers and clients can rely. Happy to regale the crew with tales of vast travels throughout the country, cooking recipes or the Red Sox starting rotation, Ava always tells it like it is.